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pricing & packages

  • 25 minutes @$65

  • With the help of Spirit and the higher realms, Kerry looks into your aura and discovers the color of your essence  to help you heal with foods, crystals, plants and light. The intention of this reading is for you to feel lighter and bring in more joy.

Rainbow over eyes
  • 1 hour @ $111

  •  Spirit and the higher realms work with Kerry to reveal your color essence and its medicine held within foods, crystals, plants and the ethereal realms. Angels, fairies, mermaids and unicorns may assist in these powerfully, colorful psychic healings. 

Rainbow Sky


  • 10 Minutes   

  • Available with Kerry at Droplets of Wellness, Hudson, WI (most Wed 4-6, Thurs 11-1 and Saturdays 11-1) for $23 to determine your aura color essence 

  • clarifying 10 minute phone calls for $35 to answer questions

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