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Are you a Fairy? I know I am!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

So anyhoo, do you know which kind of ethereal energy you have?

Say, wuuuh??

I mean, do you know if you have fairy, angel or mermaid energy?

Let's talk fairies. Speaking as a real-life one, I know I can be feisty because I like my world to harmonize with nature. Fairies can have air, water or flower energy, but this is how my days go down being an earth fairy.

I am obsessed with growing plants. My home feels like a tree house, and I have blessed my plants (they are members of my family) with names such as Lolita (my blood orange), Fiona (my fiddle fig), and Ruby (my rubber tree). Ruby is also the preferred dwelling place of my fairy god-mother, who knew?!? My psychic friend pointed this out (just so ya know I'm not the only woo-woo one around here). And what fairy doesn't want to know they have a fairy god mother living in their rubber tree. (insert bragging dance here).

I also have been told I've been a plant healer in past lives. (Can we say witch? These gals knew how to throw down a healing par-tay---I feel it in my blood). So when I'm doing energy healings on clients, I bring in the energies of plants such as lavender, lemon, rose, to name a few. We fairies FEEL their power.

I can also feel my wings. Sometimes they feel large and heavy and I must turn sideways to get through the doorway (just kidding). I also know they are yellow and orange, not kidding. The yellow brings in the sun, and the orange brings in joy which are the colors I need to help my fairy spirit heal... bring it on.

Another sign I'm an earth fairy is that I get annoyed if my environment doesn't feel natural. My nerve endings bristle where there is air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, chemical cleaners, unfiltered water, and synthetic candles/perfumes. And I MUCH prefer being around animals over people. I'll take a herd of goats any day over a large gathering of humans.

So when it comes down to it, all I need is 8-14 hours of alone time each day. I just wanna dig in the dirt, talk to flowers, feed the birds, and cook meals for my family. Heaven for me is when I'm creating a scrumptious, heavy- on- the- veggies stew--- I can peek over my shoulder and see my happy wings sparkle.


Are you a fairy?

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