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Do you have elf energy?

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

So anyhoo, I am an energy healer, and my healing abilities became 'vibrant' when realizing I could see people's 'ethereal' selves just hangin' out in their auras.

You might say, "What the heck does that mean?!"

Well, for example, I was sitting at an outdoor gathering, chit-chatting with some gals, while someone's husband sat nearby, just minding his own business. My attention faded from the conversation towards this guy for no particular reason, and then Wham. I accidentally 'saw' his BRIGHT kelly green aura. I must say, it was the HAPPIEST shade of kelly green I have ever seen, so how could I NOT notice it surrounding his whole self, Lol! Peering a tiny bit closer into his energy field, I also saw his invisible /yet VISIBLE green ELF hat sitting a-top of his head. A brown and white feather poked into its' side. And then there was more. The words "Lover of the Forest" hovered over his head.

So, at this point, you must wonder, " What was she drinking/smoking?!" And the answer is Nada. I love me some beers, but I don't need enhancements to see colors and magic like I see.

And, now the big question is: Did I lean over toward him, and wave his attention toward me and say, "Yoo-hoooo... Excuse me... I know we haven't formally met. But regardless, I can clearly see in broad daylight you are an ELF. I thought you should know. Because you are sporting a BRIGHT green hat on top of your head. It has a special TURKEY feather poking out of the side. And you probably LOVE the forest, right?! So, do you? Right?!?"

Not enough eye bulging yet. Let's go back in for more, and LET-ER-RIP!

"And it's obvious from the twinkle in your eye that you like to be silly but prefer being naughty. Your motto is, "Rules /Shmules." And one more thing. When you're in the forest secretly talking to the trees and animals, you might feel drawn to some humming, singing, or maybe even some skipping?"



Holy Jeez!

Aw, hell-naw!! I did not say these things to this poor guy. Now I'm in a full sweat.

I only give out this weird-o information to clients and family. They are ASKING for it.


As a clairvoyant healer, I help people become aware of their etheric selves (elf, fairy, mermaid, angel) so they gain insight as to why they do things the way they do. My intention during healings is to help people ENJOY themselves more along the way!


Are you an elf??

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Feb 04

I was in a metaphysical shop today and the psychic medium (who was sitting in the back reading a book) looks up at me and randomly says "You're an Elf!" I was amused and taken aback. When I got home I looked up what that might even mean and read your post. I guess I'll embrace this part of myself (that I was completely unaware of...)


Unknown member
Jul 01, 2021

WOW! That was a great article! I love your writing and the sense of humor! I’d say I give off more mermaid vibes than a elf 🧜🏻‍♀️

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