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Do you have mermaid energy?

So anyhoo, do you believe in real life mermaids? Well, you might BE one for REALZ if you hold a conch shell to your ear and it sounds like home. You love dark, stormy afternoons, and you are clumsy. Constantly tripping over your MERMAID TAIL.

But how do you know if you have a tail?

Just look down at your WIDE FEET.

Wide feet equals mermaid tail.

Just sayin.

Now don’t go all Hollywood on me. Mermaids aren’t wispy, delicate, and size 0. Mer-people (the cool way to say mermaid/ mer-man) are the CAN-DO aqua people on this earth. Their souls love to slip back into the ocean during the night, where they remember the harmony of the waves, sea creatures and temples of the underwater civilizations of Atlantis. Their watery society thrived on values of peace and hard work.

Blah, blah blah.

Enough of the mystical hoo-haw.

Let's get back to their WIDE FEET.

Do you know anyone who hates wearing shoes? Probably a mermaid. Force her to wear high heels and you might as well harpoon her dead.

Want a massage, or something done around the house? Find a mermaid. Want someone to build you a bridge? Find a mermaid. Paint you a mural, or run your multi-million dollar company? Find a mermaid. They are hard working with their senses fully aware, so they can do it all. So when hiring someone, do you ask to see their feet? Or nonchalantly inquire about aversions to foot wear? If they show up wearing Birkenstocks, it should just be a done deal. Everyone’s good.

So now this is the fun part, about her pretty tail. It glistens in blues, purples, greens and golds, empowering her access to her treasure chest of gold coins shining down in the sea. These coins reflect her love of sea-faring ways, and maybe she will gift one to you. But really, it’s only she who understands in her heart the power and majesty of the glistening blue underworld.

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