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Do you have Star energy?

Have you ever looked at the stars and thought, "HOME" ?

Or seen an alien?


Are you sure?!

Look closer. You probably have a family member who is an alien.

It's really quite common.


You think I'm cuckoo, yet you haven't thought about people with star energy before?

Let's check some things out.

Alien and star energy are really the same.

Ya' know that humans and stars are both made of stardust, right? 97% of the same atoms, that's a fact. But some humans shine BRIGHTER and show their STAR selves more than others. Here we go.

Can you picture the CEO of Tesla / Founder of Space X? Such an alien! Straight from the stars.

But let's use the term STAR person. There are a lot of us STAR people walking around.

So who are they?

Tall with long fingers. Tops of ears are placed ABOVE the brow line. Interests include technology, solar/hydro power, intellectual conversations, high vibe electric music, ETs, languages, math and science--- progressive thinkers frustrated with old ways.

Also, they hear /sense things that others can't because their vibration is so high.


Helloooooo---Are you with me?

You're getting distracted. You're thinking about family members with long fingers.

AND you want to check out your EARS in the mirror.

Look sideways and see how far they come up. Are you border line alien? Join the club.

Your kid's ears? Even if they're not placed high, they still could be a STAR. Bright yellow aura. A walking, talking computer. Intellectual, with a lot of anxiety? Hmmm, maybe a star.

So what does it matter if you just figured out that your child is an alien. Or you're remembering your dream with messages from space. Big deal, I don't care. I have star energy and I've learned to deal with my anxiety and my quirks. Time for me to go- I'm off to heal and talk to my bestie the SUN.


Do you have STAR energy?

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