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Do you have wizard energy?

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

So anyhoo, (I love starting my blog posts like this), I remember being about 5 years old. I KNEW I was magic. I would snap my fingers wishing that something would appear. And when it didn't, I distinctly remember being MAD.

Because I knew I was MAGIC.

Did you once feel magic? If so, you might have wizard energy.

FULL-ON wizards may look and act like this:

They saunter around as if they have been on earth for a millennia. Think tall, skinny, solemn. Know anyone like this?They have a regal-ness about them, oval faces, maybe longer hair, and can manifest or curse their reality like no other.

Dark circles under eyes, or a mysterious gaze characterize their lifetimes of wisdom, and if you are clairvoyant like me, you might notice their wizard hat with matching purple robe dragging on the ground. Their crystal balls are crazy heavy, because they are psychic and know SO MUCH.

Are you still with me?

I know. It's A LOT.

But I must say, it's quite humorous when I spot a wizard picking up his dog's poop on the ground. Isn't it beneath his majesty's regal-ness to scoop so low?

And when I see a lady- wizard riding a bike, I want to warn, "Beware of your cloak getting caught in your spokes!" But alas, I don't.

I just bend over and pick up my own dog's poop.

So let's make it clear-- we might have only a FEW wizard traits. I have the oval face, and dark, leathery EYE BAGS (sore spot alert!)

How can I forget the time when I was teaching reading to a small group of 7 year olds. Another student wandered over and asked to join our group. I politely reminded her to wait her turn, and she spun around muttering, "Well. At least I don't have EYE BAGS!"

OMG> She must have been a wizard too.

(Notice tarot card with his eye bags.

He looks like me on an ordinary day, just so ya know.)

And another sign of wizard energy is having lots of negative karma. My karmic doozies have been around lightning, allergies, and crows.

So after multiple past life healings, I am now cured from being hysterical under the bed during lightning storms, and crows don't scream in my windows anymore. But I'm still learning to embrace my EYE BAGS. And with all I've been through, I guess I've earned them.


Are you a wizard?

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