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Hey Wisconsin Gnomes!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

If you have ANY connection to Wisconsin, you’re probably familiar with the GNOMES!

The WHOLE STATE is full of them.

Hee hee ho and tra la la!


According to my CLAIRVOYANT CALCULATIONS, Ireland and Wisconsin have the same ABUNDANCE of these magical beings. They're everywhere, and we can feel like them too.

So when my husband and I travel over the bridge into Wisconsin, our auras change into a shamrock green color, especially when golfing and beers are on the docket. I ’ll peek at him driving, and we'll look like married gnomes with golf clubs in tow, hearts filled with shades of emerald, shamrock, and golf course green.

Speaking of golf, we play on an Irish owned, heavily forested course. So it's no surprise that I see glimpses of these gnomes peeking out at us, ready to repurpose our mis-hit golf balls into bird baths, bird feeders and flower pots. They're eager for us to move along, so they may continue their feasting and merry-making shenanigans. Gnomes love their parties, and when they're not feasting, they're usually busy “HI--HO--ing”.

Hmmm, are you wondering if you are also a gnome?

Ask yourself, how much do I LOVE black DIRT?

bird dogs?

robins, worms and berries?

dinner gatherings.

wooden tables,

mushrooms and composting,

fireplaces, toads, and BEER?

And I’m pretty sure the pandemic lockdowns taught us how to LIVE LIKE GNOMES.

Meaning... were you forced to stay at home and appreciate the simple life?

Did you learn to use a BROOM?!

Or an OVEN?

Did you whittle some wood?

unearth your dinner table?

bake banana bread,

play old fashioned games,

or listen to the birds?

I hope you had this chance to do these things, because gnomes GOT IT GOIN' ON.

They've lived this good life forever.

And I believe my nephew BECAME a real life gnome. When he drove from the forest into town, he had to remind himself to leave his woodcutter axe at home. He LOVES mushroom coffee, puzzles, composting, building fires (with bird dog by his side), and carpentry.

And my own boys have their gnome-ness as well. They both embrace cooking, feasting, and old board games. These traits make their mama proud, but I know they will never BECOME full fledged 100% gnomes.

Because neither knows how to handle a broom (say, WUH?? ) and probably never will.


Are you a gnome?

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