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The Emerald's Gift

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Once upon a time, in a faraway northern land, there lived a magnificent, jagged tower of ice. He was formed of glaciers so ancient that he contained millions of precious gemstones, buried deep within his core. His sapphires, diamonds and amethyst were so abundant that his self perception was that of importance, dignity, power and strength. But after centuries of living amongst frolicking sea animals, a sense of loneliness overcame him and he began to feel burdened, anxious, sad and depressed. He had lived a solitary existence for far too long and he was feeling weighed down.

"What I really long for is to be a King and love a beautiful Queen,"' he said to the Moon when she was fully lit one starry, wintery night. He dreamed of protecting and cherishing a Queen, but he lamented, “If I leave all I've ever known in search of love, will I shatter? What if I break into a thousand pieces? I won't be desirable, magnificent, mighty or strong.”

Sensing the tower’s worry of not finding love, the Moon replied back on the same starry night. “I see a great journey for you, dear tower, filled with love and beauty," the Moon spoke gently. "But you must gather your courage and travel south. It is there where you will find a beautiful mermaid to love and become your Queen." The tower glanced up and she continued on.

"But keep this in mind, dear one. You must first let go of misconceptions of what you think you need in order to be loved."

The tower winced and gulped, and then his fossilized ice cracked. A deafening SCREE-EE-EECH filled the air, followed by a silent, yet titanic underwater wave. And just before he settled in to breathe, his worry of change erupted into one final oceanic- altering monstrous KA-BOOM.

In the meantime, the Moon, busily match-making the most heart-felt wishes, chose a mermaid for the tower to love. This natural beauty had spent many sun-filled days building kingdoms of fire in the south, but since love had burned her many times, she was now weary and her heart was scarred. She also longed for love, and she desired shiny, new scales of fancy-cut gems to become the most beautiful so she could be loved by a King.

“I have found your King!” whispered the Moon to the mermaid through rays of golden light. “So follow the waters using the northern star, and there you shall find him, with gems wrapped in ice. These gems are for you to alchemize into your scales, but beware, dear mermaid. These crystals are powerful. They will teach you about beauty and your perception will be changed forever.”

The mermaid shrugged, and was anxious for the crystals to make her shine.

Further up north, the icy tower scraped along south. Ice became mud, and dirt seeped into his eyes. By this time, he was feeling a little less grand, and through the drops of sweat, he wondered if he was appearing awkward and drippy. But his thoughts were distracted when he spotted her, perched alongside a stream of blue.

He was stunned to see her radiance, pink flowers and seashells dangled in her flowing hair.

"She's gorgeous!" he thought as he peered past the sea fossils poking out from his icy, encrusted face. Her glow of shimmering colors in the watery rays of pastel, iridescent light held him in amazement, and he continued to pause so he could take her all in.

“Are you my beautiful queen? ” he hoped nervously from way up high.

“Yes,” she replied sweetly, but she didn’t feel pretty, compared to the brilliance of his crystals.

“And you are my handsome King?” she inquired, not understanding why a majestic iceberg of jewels would choose a common, southern mermaid for his Queen.

Upon hearing his reply of “yes”, she did what the Moon told to do. She whipped out her fiery box of flames, instantly melting his ice. The crystals came pouring out into her fire, and he gasped.



What on earth have you done?!”

There he was left standing in a gushing river of ice, wondering what happened, and why everything looked so clear? He blinked warily down at his new self, mouth still open, and somehow started noticing he felt much lighter, incredibly free and relieved of burdens.

"Ohhhh, yes!", he thought, just now recalling the Moon's words. 'You will let go of what you didn't need that you may find love...'

And then he wept.

While becoming aware that the crystals had held him down, the mermaid splashed downstream with the simmering, heavy box on her back. "I'll be back!" she waved, but the tower didn't hear her. She was going home to create luxurious new scales before he could lay eyes on her again.

"Your scales are stunning!" delighted her friends as she frolicked, danced, flipped, and twirled. Although by nighttime, her tail became heavy like a sand bag and she soon became ill. The piercing brightness of her gem-scales had made her eyes cloudy, and she couldn't quite catch her breath. Wearily finding a place to rest near the shore, she had an epiphany, remembering the Moon's words: 'You will learn a lesson about beauty...' The mermaid knew deep down that the crystals weren't meant for her, so she gave a wink up to the Moon and alchemized herself back into her natural glow. And now the mermaid fell into a peaceful, harmonizing deep, deep sleep.

“I must go find her!” the tower panicked when he heard his queen had taken ill. So, he donned a robe of velvet, enhancing his kingly royal-ness, but wondered if he was attractive without the jewels. "Hmmm," he thought to himself, but listened to his heart telling him to follow the river south and shower her with roses, birdsong, fruits, and perfume.

"You found me!" she cried out, and his heart pounded, matching her excitement upon seeing each other. They shared stories about being brought together, and then the King presented the mermaid with the most important gift of all, saying it was from the Moon.

"We are to unveil this ribboned gift tonight, since we have earned its blessings of what is inside."

So, in the moonlight, surrounded by starlit water, the King and Queen opened their sweet gift and this is what it read:

Dear Beautiful Ones,

Since you both have done the hard work of releasing misconceptions of what you needed in order to find love,

I am gifting you with beautiful green emeralds

they are imbued with the magic of


allowing you to

perceive beauty


receive unconditional love

The Gift of the Emerald

Gently place an emerald upon your heart and then close your eyes. Allow it to expel weariness within your sight, and let it wash away, forever and ever and ever.

Then ask for its energy to come into your heart, feeling and visualizing the warmth of eternal beauty and love blossoming within. Allow the energy to continue to grow, expanding its warmth throughout your heart, and let it pour upwards and into your eyes.

Beauty and love can now be found for each other, so open your eyes to a fresh perspective, and perceive beauty and love all around you and for each other.

You are now blessed as King and Queen.

With sincere emerald love,

the Moon

The King and Queen went on to live their beautiful lives together, seeing beauty within themselves and love for each other.

The End

*feel free to invoke the magic of the emerald even without having your very own, just visualize having one and reap the magic for yourself as well*



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