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Unicorns and Ferris Wheels

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

So anyhoo, is your kid a UNICORN?

I used to have a NEIGHBOR who is a unicorn. “People can’t be unicorns,” you say. But alas, they can.

Without the use of psychedelic drugs (for REALZ) I can see people as angels, elves, fairies, and once in a blue moon...unicorns.


You think I’m a weirdo. But it is my gift. You might have a weirdo gift too that you are hiding like reciting the alphabet backwards or hearing ANIMAL'S THOUGHTS. Well, maybe you should also let the cat out of the bag! Just sayin.


Getting back to ADULTS who are unicorns.

It’s RARE.

Like seeing a shooting star. Because unicorns are usually KIDS.

Think of the 3 - 5 years olds who have the essence of JOY! GIGGLES! oozing out of their pores. Their hearts SOAR as they skip! dance! sing! paint! squeal! hop! draw! spin! jump! hug! kiss! laugh! talk! tumble! and roll! More GIGGLES!

But wait.


And our childlike joy becomes TAPPED OUT.

Waaa Waaa Waaa.

(verrrry long fizzling balloon farting noise inserted here...)

And that’s why it’s so rare to spot an ADULT who is a unicorn.

But there was the day when I had lunch with an old neighbor friend and I witnessed her turning into a unicorn. She was telling me a story about a time that made her sad, and her glow turned into shades of pinks, yellows and creamsicle orange. Fluffy white clouds appeared in her eyes and I started feeling into the depth of her sadness. And then BAM. It happened! Her braided, pearly horn appeared, hovering and sticking out from a place near her forehead.

“What the!


She’s turning into a unicorn!

Don’t poke my eye out !” was what I wanted to shout.

But instead I remained silent, sliding back into my chair as to protect my way-too-close face. Then her tears dripped onto the table, transmuting into pink and orange jelly beans, and rainbow colored gumdrops.

Just kidding.

Only about the gumdrops.

So, it's our take-away that unicorn people are sweet. SWEET, SWEET and then more SWEET. They might get laughed at and stepped on for being goofy oddballs , but they smile through their sadness because they are born ready to FLY and PLAY.

Roller coasters!

Ferris wheels!

Zip lines!

Para -sailing!


Rainbow lollipops!


Cotton candy!

Milk Duds!

Laughy Taffy!

Woot Woot!



Do you know a unicorn?

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