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Yellow and Blue Shenanigans

I've been CRAVING the colors yellow and blue. They've never been my go-to colors, but lately I can't get enough! I want yellow in my clothes, foods, and flowers, and blue in my crystals, drinks and home. I think I've been DEFICIENT and need to fill up. Blue color sits in the throat chakra for using the voice, and yellow hangs out in the solar plexus (abdomen) for power and mental clarity, and I've learned that when I'm craving certain colors, it's because they're what I need. I must have depleted myself during the recent publishing of my book, for my motivation and thinking have been zilch.


I've been loving wearing my yellow dress, drinking lemon water and blue pea flower tea, vase-ing up day lilies, and working with crystals. So when a spurt of energy appeared the other day, I created a series of classes called 'Healing With Color' to debut mid August on Wednesdays at Join me so you too can reap the benefits of color healing.

Speaking of color!

I recently had the most fun doing pool-side aura readings for a group of lovely ladies nearby.

One gal's aura interestingly matched her 'favorite color' that she uses everywhere throughout her entire home (go figure!) while another had a 'pink angel' aura exuding "I-am-a -dog-lover-and-I am-all-about-the-dogs-dogs-dogs-dogs-and-more-dogs!' Another was very excited to hear that her love of working with tinctures/oils /plants matched her green healer-witchy-aura-vibe,

and we also had a mermaid aura in da-house! I see mermaids as hard workers who flourish in a community of people, like fish swimming in a school. She resonated with these traits and most likely gained some clarity.

So, if you are interested in hosting an aura reading gathering, let me know and I'll schedule you in! Friends have fun chatting with each other about what comes through, and crossed over pets may also make an appearance. Lots of dogs have been coming through, and even someone's horse came through the other day. I find that people do another level of healing when their animal whom they loved shows up to re-connect. You can book here

Anyhoo, thank you to sister Suzanne for providing me with the juicy yellow/blue towel and peaceful lake to help me fuel back up my energy and voice.

Peace out,


Oh, and here's my cookbook link if you want to take the aura quiz inside which I created to match you with the colors and kinds of foods that are good for you.

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