about color readings

What is a Color Reading?


A Color Reading is a healing modality created by Kerry Lewis designed to work with the colors in your aura for clarity and healing.  Kerry is a clairvoyant and a visionary, and the intention of the Color Reading is to unblock energy, find your true nature, and empower you to become your own healer.


Kerry uses her clairvoyance to access the meaning of colors of light in people, situations and places.  She recommends that you prepare for your Color Reading by reflecting on your intention of what you want to work on, then she will work with Spirit to guide the healing. 

While the reading takes place,  Kerry might also see a glimmer into your true self, known as your ethereal self.​  Your ethereal self is like the twin your physical self, showing through a higher vibration of light. So, she might see a glimmer of you as an angel,  fairy, mermaid, dolphin, dragon, pixie, star, wizard, unicorn, rainbow or an elf, and combinations of many more!  She believes that becoming aware of your ethereal self is like looking through a window into your true nature and this self awareness enables you to become more empowered.

Kerry holds a patient, nurturing space during the Color Reading, and when the healing draws to a close, Kerry includes her recommendations based on what came through and answers any questions that you may have.