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How much Dragon Energy do you have?

Take the Dragon Quiz!

There are 10 questions. See how many are a YES out of 10.

1. I LOVE castles. Not so much, or YES.

2. I LOVE wearing the color GOLD, or having it around me because it helps me feel protected.

Not so much, or YES.

3. I LOVE woodworking, carpentry, building, or refurbishing wooden items. Not so much, or YES.

4. I am a fierce protector of family, friends and my community, and I show LOVE through acts of service. Not so much, or YES.

5. I LOVE my sleeping quarters to feel like a deep, dark CAVE. Not so much, or YES.

6. I LOVE and feel PASSION for the color BLOOD RED. Not so much, or YES.

7. I would LOVE to cook my food in an open hearth in my home. Not so. much, or YES.

8. I LOVE making my home space special, homey and cozy. Not so much, or YES.

9. My dreams, resting and wake states often overlap. Not so much, or YES.

10. I have passion for the choices I make in my life, and my passion can sometimes cause me angst.

Not so much, or YES!

Now tally up your YES-es.

If you have 8 or more, consider yourself a DRAGON!

I only scored 5/10. Leave a comment what you scored!

If you have 7 or less, click on these other posts to see if you are a gnome, fairy, mermaid at

I also do virtual readings to see which energies come through for you, jus' so ya know!


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